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Caribou: Charitable giving

The Internal Revenue Service publishes selected data from individual tax returns that includes deductions for charitable donations. Included here are the average of the charitable contributions reported for each region.
In Caribou in 2019,
  • the average charitable contribution by total tax returns filed was reported as $874
  • 6.1 percent of total tax returns filed reported charitable contributions 
  • of the 2,950 total tax returns filed, 180 reported charitable contributions for a total of $2,578,000

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· Charitable giving can be related to income and cost of living. Does looking at median family income and housing affordability give a sense of how the population may be able or unable to donate philanthropically?

· Philanthropy can be tied to engagement. Does your county have a high voter turnout rate?

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Source: 2019: Internal Revenue Service, (; and (;
DATE LAST UPDATED: March 3, 2022

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