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The ability of Hispanics to speak English "Very well" versus "Less than 'very well'" differs by whether the population is native-born or foreign-born. The American Community Survey categorizes the survey respondent's ability to speak English, specifically the respondents who reported speaking a language other than English, as speaking English "Very well," "Well," "Not well," or "Not at all." Those who answer "Well," "Not well," or "Not at all" can be grouped together and termed "Less than 'very well.'" Survey respondents are not instructed as to interpretation of these response categories and the response is self-reported.
In Idaho in 2011-2015:
  • the native-born Hispanic population numbered 111,759, and 54 percent spoke only English, 39 percent spoke English "Very well" while 7 percent spoke English "Less than 'very well,'"
  • the foreign-born Hispanic population numbered 57,645, and 5 percent spoke only English, 29 percent spoke English "Very well" while 65 percent spoke English "Less than 'very well.'" 

To get the most out of this indicator . . .

Ask questions:

· What’s the ethnic make-up of your county (e.g., how many are Hispanic and how many are non-Hispanic)?

· How is it changing over time?

· Is the Hispanic population growing at a different rate than the population as a whole?

Dig deeper:

· Look at the county rankings for your state and/or view maps to see how your county compares to others.

· Use the U.S. Census Bureau’s American FactFinder to learn more about the local Hispanic population. Many indicators at this site report data for both Hispanics and non-Hispanics. See

· Take a Big Picture view of your county.

· If you have specific questions, send us an e-mail.

Source: 2006-2015 American Factfinder, (; (ACS: Table B16005 and B15006I) DATE LAST UPDATED: July 25, 2017

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