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Clearwater: Number of farms

The USDA's Census of Agriculture provides data on the nation's farms every five years. A farm is defined as "any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the census year."
In Clearwater in 2017:
  • there were 312 farms,
  • the number of farms accounted for 1.2 percent of all Idaho farms, and
  • the number of farms increased 29 percent from ten years earlier.

To get the most out of this indicator . . .

Ask questions:

· Does the county have a large or small number of farms?

· Is the number of farms increasing or decreasing, and how does that compare to change across the state?

Look at other indicators:

· “County types: County economic base codes” – What is your county’s primary economic activity, a.k.a. economic base?

· “Employment: Agricultural workers” – How does your county rank by annual average number of agricultural workers?

· Employment by industry” - What percentage of all employment is in the agriculture industry? 

 Dig deeper:

· Download data for your county and state to see the number of farms from year to year.

· Take a Big Picture view of your county.

· If you have specific questions, send us an e-mail.

Source: 2002-2017: USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service - 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017 Census of Agriculture (; DATE LAST UPDATED: April 15, 2019.

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