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Fremont: County economic base codes

The Economic Research Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture has developed a system that classifies each U.S. county by its primary local economic activity, also called its economic base.  Each county is designated as one of six types:


1=Farming-dependent county
2=Mining-dependent county
3=Manufacturing-dependent county
4=Federal/State government-dependent county

Please use the download function at the above-right to retrieve economic base codes for the counties in your state.

The following definitions, taken from the ERS website (, can be used to understand how these types were determined:

Either twenty-five percent or more of total county earnings were derived from farming or sixteen percent or more of employed residents worked in farm occupations during 2010-2012. 

Thirteen percent or more of total county earnings or eight percent or more of total county employment were derived from mining during 2010-2012.

Twenty-three percent or more of total county earnings or sixteen percent or more of total county employment were derived from manufacturing during 2010-2012.

Federal/State government-dependent
Fourteen percent or more of total county earnings or nine percent or more of total county employment were derived from Federal and State government during 2010-2012.

This type is calculated in three parts: percent employment in the recreation industry (entertainment and recreation, accommodations, eating and drinking establishments, and real estate); percent of total personal income from the recreation industry; and percent of vacant housing units intended for seasonal or occasional use.

Did not meet the dependence threshold for any one of the above industries.


Note: Please see the ERS website ( for more information on economic base types and ERS methodology.

Source: 2015. US Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, County Typology Codes, (; DATE LAST UPDATED: January 21, 2016.

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