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Owyhee: Agricultural workers

In this indicator we report on the average number of agricultural workers throughout the year and the number and month of peak employment for migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFW). The number of MSFW changes month to month as workers move for seasonal employment.
In Owyhee in 2022,
  • the average number of agricultural workers was 1,717 annually,
  • the peak employment of migrant workers numbered 1,348,
  • the peak monthly employment for migrant workers occurred in the 6th month,
  • and in that peak month the migrant workers made up 79 percent of Owyhee's agricultural workforce. 

To get the most out of this indicator . . .

Ask questions:

· How dominant is agriculture compared to the other industries in the local economy?

· Is agriculture experiencing job growth versus job loss?

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· Download data for your county or state to see the number of migrant workers from year to year.

· Take a Big Picture view of your county.

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Note: A migrant seasonal farmworker (MSFW) is defined as a migrant OR seasonal farmworker. A seasonal farmworker is a person who worked at least 25 or more days (or parts of days) in the previous 12 months in which some work was considered farm work, earned at least half of their income in farm work, and was not employed specifically in farm work year round with the same employer. A migrant farmworker is a person who had to travel to the workplace and was unable to return to their permanent residence daily. Full-time students traveling with family are included in this population.

Source: 2007-2022: Idaho Department of Labor, (; DATE LAST UPDATED: March 29, 2023.

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